Separation (2017) Digital video, Copper, Silver
Process documentation of a ring formed in chemical processes that involved passing electrical current through cold war era electronics. Rare metals are refined from e-waste, and translated into a series of objects, such as rings, which belong to larger body of work, titled ‘Aesthetics of capital’\
“Currently, Froslie’s work is oriented by an effort to make a ring. […] Such extraction — including refining procedures that extract more and more the thing desired, increasing its purity — removes something deemed valuable from something deemed valueless so as to separate what has worth from what does not and to come thereby to possess it. A classic technique of primitive accumulation, the capitalist method for appropriating wealth by dispossessing others of it, extraction is the initial point at which things enter into the economy, and Froslie, getting at the roots of his own material as an artist, makes of extraction a foundation for his efforts to produce his work.” - Robert Bailey, 'Extract, Grow, Circulate: Pete Froslie and the Aesthetics of Capital'
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